Social Groups

By: Taylor T, Steph S, Megan A

The American Dream- Baby Boom

From 1945 to 1965 is known as the Baby Boom. When the soldiers who fought in WW2 returned home from the war, a lot of the settled into the family life. With almost all of them settling into to the family life it created an unexpected population boom. In 1957 every seven seconds one american was born. With there being a baby born every seven seconds there was a total 4,308,000 babies born that year. The Baby Boom is the largest generation in the nations's history.

Other America - Braceros

In 1942 the federal government initiated a program where Mexican Braceros were allowed to come into the United States and to harvest crops. From 1942 to 1947 hundreds of thousands of Braceros came into American. The federal government had the Braceros come into America because there were very few labor workers in the United States after the war. When the Braceros employment in the United States ended they were supposed to return to Mexico but a lot of them stayed in the United States illegally.

Mexican Braceros

A few of Mexican Braceros harvesting crops.