Odyssey books 19-20

By: Gavin Waller and Kaleb Booge

Summary of books 19-20

Eurycleia sees through Odysseus's disguise which was a beggar. Odysseus prevents the truth from coming out. THe next day Penelope will marry whichever suitor can do the things that her Odysseus could he. They had to shoot an arrow through twelve straight rows of axes after stringing his bow which is very big. Odysseus and Penelope both worry about the outcome of events. Penelope prays that she dies before she is ever forced to marry one of the suitors. The suitors put in motion their plot to kill Telemachus and then they are off to the competition.


Eurycleia -She is the maid of Odysseus and his family and she find out that he isn't a beggar and he is Odysseus.

Argus- Argus is Odysseus's dog and when he finally see Odysseus he dies of happiness

Melanthius- He is the lead suitor and he hits Odysseus witha wooden stool.

Melantho -She is the sister of Melanthius and is a Suitor.


Theme is trust because Penelope trusts that if Odysseus is still alive then he will show himself at the tests to win Penelope back. They show trust when Odysseus tells Telemachus that it is him, he also tells Eurycleia because he says he can trust her.


"But if you are determined to murder me with the sharp bronze, then that would be my wish also, since it would be far better than to have to go on watching forever these shameful activities, guests being battered about, or to see you rudely mishandling the serving all about the beautiful palace."

This quote shows us that Telemachus has learned about hospitality and how he would rater die fighting for that then live with people not treating them right.

"That left the great Odysseus waiting in his hall as Athena helped him plot the slaughter of the suitors he turned at once to Telemachus, brisk with orders ‘Now we must stow the weapons out of reach, my boy and ask you questions, put them off with a winning story: ‘I stowed them away, clear of the smoke. A far cry from the arms Odysseus left when he went to Troy fire damaged equipment, black with reeking fumes and a god reminded me of something darker too. When you’re in your cups a quarrel might break out you’d wound each other, shame your feasting here and cast a pall on your courting. Iron has powers to draw a man to ruin."

This quote Shows the plan for Odysseus to kill all of the suitors and the big Change in the book realizing for sure that Odysseus was going tot get Penelope back.

And so the man is safe, as you can see, and he’s coming home, soon, he’s close, close at hand—he won’t be severed long from kin and country, no, not now. I give you my solemn, binding oath. I swear by Zeus, the first, the greatest god— by Odysseus’ hearth, where I have come for help: all will come to pass, I swear, exactly as I sad. True, this very month—just as the old moon dies and the new moon rises into life—Odysseus will return!”

This quote shows that Odysseus (disguised as a beggar) is promising Penelope that Odysseus will return.