Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * February 16, 2016


This week, we ask, “How do you know when story ideas are important?” We will read the biography of Helen Keller, who learned how to communicate with help from her devoted teacher. We will also learn about other ways to communicate in the informational text, Talking Tools.

Target Vocabulary: curious, imitated, knowledge, motion, silence, illness, darkness, behavior

Phonics Skills: words with long o (o, oa, ow) {open, coat, bow}

Vocabulary Strategy: suffix –ly (means “in a certain way”)

Comprehension Skill: Main ideas and details - tell important ideas and details about a topic

Comprehension Strategy: Summarize - stop to tell important ideas as you read

During Guided Reading, each group will focus on the same genre, biography. The students will read and learn about inventors, writers, and others who have overcome great obstacles to achieve their dreams.

This week, the students will continue to explore different writer’s crafts. First, they will notice how authors use proper nouns to name roads, which allows the reader to make a map in his/her mind. In addition, using proper names of people enables the reader to infer specific relationships between characters. The second grade writers will also practice how to honor speech within their own stories. As a class, we will look at different mentor texts to see how the language spoken by characters gives the reader clues about the age or origin of a character.

Recipe for an Amazing Paragraph

Last week, with the help of Henry, the students learned a recipe for an amazing paragraph. Everyone received a copy that includes the "ingredients" and "directions" that scaffolds their ideas and helps to organize their sentences. It is quickly becoming a class favorite!


Lesson 6-4 - Animal Number Stories
  • Identify the values of digits
  • Identify the longest and shortest animals on a poster
  • Solve number stories involving heights and lengths
  • Write and solve their own number stories
  • Draw a bar graph and use it to solve problems
Lesson 6-5 - Two-Step Number Stories
  • Solve number stories
  • Write a number story to match a number model
  • Share the number stories they wrote
  • Solve two-step stories
  • Vocabulary * two-step number story *
Lesson 6-6 Recording Addition Strategies
  • Find differences between pairs of numbers
  • Solve an addition problem mentally and show why their strategies worked
  • Share addition strategies and practice recording their thinking
  • Use "Ballpark Estimates" to check in reasonableness of their answers
  • Vocabulary * ballpark estimates *

Social Studies

The boys and girls will be introduced to four different cultures by listening to stories about different children and their families. The various cultural backgrounds will be explored and the students will learn that knowledge and ideas are passed from one generation to another through memories, experiences and from sharing traditions.

As a class, we will focus on two skills. The students will reading a bar graph and interpret the information presented. They will also practice following a route on a map. Once a location is determined, the students will use a compass rose to decide the best direction to follow and will create an appropriate route


  • Thank you for the many beautiful Valentine Notes and yummy treats!
  • February 23 - Student Council Pretzel Sale and Color Day; 2nd Grade's color is ORANGE
  • February 26th - Dr. Goldberg visits for Dental Health Month
  • February 26th - W.E.B. Project #2 due