Tourney Prep Class+Open Game Class

2 Amazing Classes at our UES Chess Club

The 2 Classes I wish I had as a Child!

Hey Chess at 3 Families,

We wanted to tell you about these two amazing classes we have at our new Chess Club.

Mondays, 3:30, Tournament Preparation: Does your child already love chess, and wants to get amazing at chess? Or is your child already playing in tournaments, and is looking for a place to hone their skills? This class for the serious chess players. We will analyze famous games, figure out difficult puzzles, go over student's tournament games, and of course tell a story from time to time.

Fridays, 5:00, Magic Friendship Battle Hour: This is a free hour for your child to play .... whatever game they want! Here are some suggestions: Chess (in person or online, child must provide tablet), Backgammon, Card Games, Minecraft, Magic the Gathering (Child must bring 5 friends, + Pay for Cards ask for more info), Vainglory (A rich mobile MOBA, that emphasizes: teamwork, quick reflexes, deep strategy, and creativity, child must provide tablet). Does your child play a game you don't see here, tell us what is it, maybe we play it!

Ages 6+

One of the most important gifts we can give our students is: identifying the process that allowed them to excel in chess, then taking that process and using it on another crafts. The super fancy way of saying it is recognizing "Thematic Interconnectedness". This is what Magic Friendship Battle Hour is all about!

Here are our Chess/Game Experts!!!

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