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The changing trend of video conferencing: An innovation through 3D technology

Today video conferencing is bashing all the sectors of the society, this technology is now getting more better and advanced than before. The newer innovation in this field is the 3D technology, where-in the conference members can literally feel the physical presence of the other conference member who is logged into the conference from a far location.

Now video conferencing is hitting almost each and every sector of the society, this technology is getting more advanced. The video communication is today becoming more lively with the aid of the integration of the 3D technology in the video conferencing solution. Through this technology the users can experience the live and physical presence of the conference members who are logged in virtually from a far location. This technology can be stated as an the most advanced collaboration methods than ever before.

As a part of unified communication, 3D technology is renovating the way people communicate with each other through a virtual platform. Here the conference participants do not have the barriers of the restricted LCD displays, rather they can find the participants literally in front of them. This technology is far better than the conventional video conferencing and Telepresence solutions.

The 3D video conferencing is absolutely, the best ever video conferencing solution, where in the users are free to conduct the lively conversations and can feel as if they are present live in front of each other. The 3D conferences can be done for point to point meetings as well as multipoint meetings.In the case of the point to point conference, the users will login form the desktop PC, if the conference is of multi-point conference the users can go for a big boardroom set up.