Google Classroom (Basics)

Go Paperless!

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an excellent way to have students complete and submit their work completely in NO PAPER!! This paperless option helps cut down on copies and provides deadlines for students. It gives you the ability to create assignments in advance AND provides an easy way to grade. WIN...WIN!
Access Google Classroom

You must sign into your Google account before it takes you to the website. If you have multiple accounts, remember to choose the account.

Google Classroom Teacher Experience - Spring 2015

Google Classroom Challenge # 1


1. Go to

2. Sign into your Google account (

3. Click on the '+' button

4. Choose 'Create Class'

5. Create a 'Class Name' & 'Section' ; Select 'Create'

6. Click 'Select Theme' or 'Upload Picture' to change the background

7. Click 'Start Tour' ; This will walk you through all of the features of Google Classroom

Big image
8. Click the red '+' button located on the bottom right side

9. For this assginment you MUST include at least:

  • 3 Announcement
  • 1 Assignment
  • 5 Questions

10. For example, if you choose 'announcement', you will write your announcement information then click the blue 'POST' button

Suggestion! With Google Classroom you have to think from the END in mind. You are not able to move the announcements or assignments at this time. Plan your entire course and then work backwards. The first post that you have will be located at the bottom, not the top

11. Click on the '+' button until you have added all of the announcements, assignments and questions for your course

12. Once you have completed all of the items, notice the 'class code'. This is what you will give your students in order for them to access your course

Google Classroom Challenge # 2

1. Once you have completed your Google Classroom course with the manditory items, you must share your class code with me

2. Click HERE to complete the Google Classroom Reflection

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