Catering Personnel Positions

Catering Coordinator & Catering Sales manager

Catering Coordinator

Job description

Catering Coordinators plan catering needs for restaurants, businesses and public events. They work with restaurant or food service staff to coordinate catering operations in a timely and professional manner.

Educational Requirements

Trainees are often recruited from two- and four-year vocational school programs and given on-the-job training in order to gain work experience in all aspects of food service.

Job Duties

They plan menus, prepare and decorate service areas and provide customer service for catered events. They receive the customer's orders and follow up on requests to ensure customer satisfaction. They also work with food service managers and estimate costs of food and other ingredients.


The average annual wage for catering coordinators ranged from $34,174 to $53,217. As more years go by in the service, you will receive higher salaries.

Work Environment

There is no set schedule. It's based around the customer's needs. Either very early to set up, or very late to clean up and maybe the customers might want to meet them after the event.

Catering Sales Manager

Skills Required

Catering sales manager must have prospecting, selling, and negotiating skills as well as basic computer knowledge.


They earn an average of $37,500 per year


Draft proposals, create sample menus and presents them to client. Set-up and experience.


Associates degree plus two-five years of experience

Work Enviornment

Concrete working schedule


They find clients to hold catered events