Caregivers learn about Alzheimers

Author: Amanda Hickey Date: 11/7/2013 @ 8:00am

Brief Summary of Artical

Marlyn Brooks has taken care of her 79-year old mother for three years. She joined others in her situation on Wednesday morning at Onslow County multi purpose complex to learn more about caring for a loved one with Alzheimers. Hardest part is getting her mother to release items such as her drivers license.

Why did you find this interesting?

I found this interesting because i never really read on Alzheimers and if there was any cause of it. I know it must be hard to live with someone with this diseases.

How did this artical link to careers?

It links to careers because Melanie Bunn is a Countership and Dementia Specialist trying to coach and teach people about Alzheimers letting them know how to cope with it, sharing tips from what she knows.

Two New Facts that you learned from this artical.

1. Hoarding is displayed by many with Alzheimers2. If a loved ones personality changes drastically or if that person is use to speaking properly and well spoken to foul mouthed that is part of the disease.