Avid Semester Exam

Will Galvez 1-11-16, 3rd block. 7th grade

Thought Bubble #1

Cornell style note taking has given me the ability to take better notes, which in turn get me good grades. Also, the community service has taught me to appreciate the food i get everyday when i thought about how hard the people work to package the food. I also felt a sense of accomplishment when i thought about all of the families I must've helped that day.

Thought Bubble #2

AVID TRF's have helped me to understand confusing topics and has also helped others with the same problems as well. Organizing my binder has also helped me a lot this year. Organizing it helped to to find my homework assignments and work in my binder.

Thought Bubble #3

Because AVID's goal is to prepare us for college success, it has made me feel a little better about going to college, now that I know many note-taking techniques and study techniques as well. Many people from all backgrounds and ethnicities have become successful through AVID. Keeping my planner organized also tells me when my papers are due and what i have for homework.

Thought Bubble #4

Because of AVID's motivational feel, it has motivated me to be more productive in my work and set times for me to do my homework. AVID has also taught me how to take efficient and wonderful notes in the form of Cornell Notes. Cornell notes are an efficient study tool which allows you to write a summary answering the essential question and seeing what you have learned from taking those notes.

Thought Bubble #5

AVID also has a segment where we learn about public speaking. Public speaking was one of the reasons I signed up for AVID. AVID helped me to find my confidence and help me to get better at speaking in front of people.

Thought Bubble #6

During the some of the first months of the school year, we did quickwrites in our AVID journals. As I did more quckwrites, it was easier for me to express my ideas, thoughts, and opinions on paper. Also, as I did more quickwrites, i noticed that my writing skills were getting much better.
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Thought bubble #1. (this answers question two)

I could grow in my writing area by writing even more quickwrites and thinking about the topic even more. I could get better in public speaking by practicing even more at home and trying to enhance my presentations by using more body language and making eye contact. Instead of just highlighting things in my notes, I should only highlight he most important things, abbreviate when possible, and circle key terms that correspond to each paragraph.