Mesopotamia daily

Hanna Stewart

Weather Report

Hello my name is Hulla and i’m Babylonia’s weather reporter, Today we are going to talk about today’s and the rest of the week’s weather. So today it’s pretty normal it’s 85 degrees fahrenheit. Tomorrow there will be a slight unnormal change, there will be heavy showers. Beware because the heavy showers may cause flooding! Take care of all your valuable items like crops and wheeled carts. Take shelter and do not leave your shelter if you do not have to. Okay now that we're done with tomorrow's forecast, let's talk about the next few days weather. So the rest of the week will be hot, wet, and humid. Okay that's all for today. This is Hulla from sumer and have a great day!


Hurin: Hello my name is Hurin and i’m going to interview a babylonian citizen.

Hazi: Hello my name hazi from mesopotamia.

Hurin: What do you do for a living?

Hazi: I work on a farm and domesticate animals. Some animals that i domesticate are pig, sheep, cattle, and many more

Hurin: What is the most useful thing you’ve ever used?

Hazi: The wheeled cart is useful and i’m glad they invented it!

Hurin: What is one dislike you have as being a farmer?

Hazi: The thing i dislike about being a farmer is that a lot of people fight over farmland and water resources.

Hurin: What’s do you like most about farming?

Hazi: I really like that as a farmer you get to work with so many different animals and crops!

Hurin: Are you glad that there are merchants and trade? Hazi: Yes, of course because merchants and trade are so important for the economy and i don’t know what i would do without merchants or trade.

Hurin: Is the weather a big impact on farming?

Hazi: Yes it is because if i doesn’t rain then that means no water for your crops and your crops won’t be worth anything. So yes the weather is a big impact on farming.

Hurin: Well that’s going to wrap up our interview. Thank you hazi for letting me interview you it was a pleasure to meet you!


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