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Do you have that student who has trouble staying on task when on iPads and always leaves the app you want them to work in? Or, maybe, they just need to focus? Then, Guided Access is for you!

The wonderful thing about Guided Access is you can turn it on in the Settings of the iPad and have it ready for when you need it. All you have to do is walk over and trigger Guided Access!

Read the article below and have your iPad close by to play along.

Apple Support Guided Access Article

More to See!

There are so many things you can customize on your iPad. Explore the Settings app, specifically these groups in the left sidebar and see what you can do!

General: Accessibility, Side Switch, Auto-Lock

Wallpapers & Brightness: change your background and brightness

Sounds: Set sounds for different notifications

Privacy: Allow apps to have access to your photos and microphone

Safari: Clear your history and cache if things are acting up

Explore the other apps at the bottom to see their individual settings!

How to Earn Your Badge!

Send Amanda an email answering these questions:

What is one way you could see using Guided Access in your classroom?

How do you start Guided Access?

How do you end Guided Access?

What did you change your background too?

What setting did you come across that you did not know about before?