Honeymoon Flavors of Flowers

Discovering of honey

Our company is pleased to invite our young lovers of honey together with their parents, to a fantastic day dedicated to beekeeping.

The day will be full of surprises, many of them will be super tasty.

h 9.00 arrival at the company with a welcome breakfast
h 9:45 video presentation of beekeeping
h 10:45 h snack
h 11:30 tour company
h 13:00 packed lunch
h 14:30 sweet preparation made from honey
h 17:00 afternoon snack
h 17:30 free time in which our employees will bring the little ones around the fields and more
h 19.00 collective greeting, with delivery of small gifts to our guests

Discovering of honey

Friday, March 4th, 9pm

Urbino, Province of Pesaro and Urbino, Italy


The company is located in the beautiful hills of the Marche, in the city of Urbino (Pesaro Urbino).

Coordinates: Latitude, 43.716667 North. Longitude, 12.633333 East
For more information visit our website: www.honeymoonurbino.it

Phone contact: 072118266

Honey and benefits

The use of honey in the diet of infants is still one of the most natural and effective cure-all for the development of the health of all children. Since ancient times in fact, when infant mortality was much higher than we can imagine, the administration of honey in beverages and herbal tea was one of the few remedies used to treat high fever. Completely free of artificial sugars and therefore harmful, Honey is an essential natural supplement to growth, aiutandi prevent infectious and gastrointestinal diseases.

Additional tips:
- Pollen: Even for children bee pollen can be a good tonic for both healthy and for those who are sick, especially in certain diseases such as hepatitis, arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, were psychic exhaustion, nervousness, loss of appetite, excessive weight loss , anemia, colitis, diarrhea, constipation, prostate problems.
- Propolis: The main use that is also done during childhood is to disinfectant, healing, soothing; It can be used against rosacea, chilblains, abscesses, boils, acne, corns, calluses, psoriasis, gingivitis, ulcers, etc.
- Royal Jelly: As therapeutic use, even for teenagers, can help the body to maintain balance, despite the physical and psychological stress caused by daily life; in particular it is indicated for convalescents, the depressed, the ulcer, against the weakening of the immune system, in the liver dysfunction, in cases of dermatitis.