Fashion and Entertainment

Highlights of the 1920s


Over the past decade there were many shifts of style for both men and women. One example for women is that there was an 18 inch fluctuation between hemlines on dresses and skirts. “Flappers” also became popular for a period of time, for those of you that have been living under a rock and don’t know what a “flapper” is, it is a label for a women who usually has short hair, smokes cigarettes, wears makeup and wears short tightly fitted dresses. Dresses and skirts were only above the knee between 1926 and 1928 known as the “Flapper Fashion Era". In 1913 the hemlines of dresses began to show some ankle, during 1918 skirts and dresses were just below the calf, and in 1919 skirts and dresses were calf length. Leading up to the "Flapper Fashion Era" which I mentioned earlier in this article.

Another big shift in fashion is that the waist line of women’s dresses and skirts moved from above the belly button to the hips. Women also started to ditch the corsets and go for a more masculine appearance. During this decade women began desiring to resemble a typical 14 year old. As a result they began to strap down their breast to maintain a more flat chested appearance. They also started wearing baggier, loose clothing so nobody could see their feminine silhouette. Women also started to lean off of the traditional long hair and began to cut their hair to a much shorter length.

For men, the decade started with suits with lightly colored suits, silk ties and black bowler hats. Tail coats were also often worn, with white shirts and pleaded yokes of course. Black leather shoes were a must for the men of this decade! Often paired with eveningwear, although two toned shoes and lace up shoes were becoming popular as well. In 1925 the baggy pants or “Oxford Bags” became popular, origination when knickers were banned in the classroom. Jazz clothing such as long tight waisted jackets and tight trousers came and passed fairly quickly. Plaid was also popular for a long period of time, everywhere I went I saw it!


The music industry started to change over the past decade. Jazz became more popular and in turn many more dances were made to keep up with the fast tempo. Radios were also very popular, there were no other things to watch or listen to so tons of people tended to sit around and listen to their radios where they could tune into live events , comedy shows, jazz music, drama, news , variety of shows and opera.They became so popular over the first couple years of the 1920s that by the end of 1922 there were over 600 radio stations.

Movie theaters became a big hit too! In fact , people loved going to the movies so much that they started calling movie theaters "picture palaces". Movie theaters have movies , plays and many other things for their customers entertainment. You can even make it a family affair and bring your kids because guess what? They have a day care too!In addition to that they have dance floors , restaurants and art galleries.

Films also became very popular during the decade.A company called Warner Brothers Pictures was incorporated in 1923 and many more film companies were founded during this decade.