Higher education in Lithuania

Hardships of Lithuania's higher education: Free but not for all

The ideas I agree

1) University diplomas are bought and sold. as a result of such a policy, weaker universities, in order to survive accept students who perform very poorly academically but pay high fees.
2) The quality of education does not only depend on tutors, teaching infrastructure – it also depends on students and their ability to receive education.
3) All citizens have an equal right to receive higher education.

The ideas I do not agree

1) It is up to schools themselves to set how much the tuition fee is.
2) According to the professors, civilized countries only charge full tuition fee to foreign students, not their own (all EU students are treated as home students).

3)The professors suggest an audit be carried out to determine how many good teachers work in each school and how many students they can properly teach.

My future educational plans are not as clear as they should be at this moment. However, there are a few ideas what to study.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Exams which are necessary for me

1) Maths exam
2) Lithuanians
3) History exam
4) English


The statistics about the entrance last year