Chancellor News and Notes

September 9. 2015

Welcome to the New Format!

Chancellor News and Notes, version 2.0! This is my first attempt an at online newsletter, so forgive me as I figure it out! I will be including the same types of information as the hard-copy version, and working out how to embed links to articles and ideas as time goes on! I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!
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Upcoming Events!

There are a number of events coming up, so please check your calendars!

A few examples:

  • Aisha's Baby Shower this Thursday
  • Lunch Bunch this Friday- if you signed up, don't forget your cash!
  • Staff Meeting this coming Monday
  • Anti-Bully Week
  • Open House
  • Craft Corners
  • Motivational Movie Nights
  • Many other club and group meetings- please check your calendars and email for dates and times for those you are a part of.
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  • Please sign into Raptor on time, and be in your area of duty on time.
  • Please turn off projector and document camera when not in use- we have already had a few very expensive bulbs burn out!
  • Supervise students at all times- if you have to step out of the room, please let your partner teacher know so she/he can monitor while you have stepped out. Please do not step out to go make copies (use your planning time or before/afterschool for longer tasks).
  • Big reminder- students must be supervised at all times, and must not enter certain areas of the school to run errands. These areas are: the mailbox area, the workroom area, the teacher's lounge, grade level closets, any specialist/administrator's office, or the literacy lab. Do not allow students to complete adult tasks, such as turning in copies, getting bulletin board paper, using the microwave, buying Snack Shack food, or using the coke machine. Thank you for your diligence in keeping our students supervised and safe.

Thinking Maps in Action!

Gifted and Talented Nomination Window:

If you have any students that you would like to nominate for Gifted and Talented testing, the window to nominate is now until October 2. Team leaders have the forms for nomination, including the matrix you will fill out for the nominated student. Parents may also nominate using the parent nomination form, so feel free to send those home to parents who have expressed interest. If you have any questions, our GT coordinator is Lisa Denny.

Teaching in Action: Look around, tour classrooms during your planning period, and you will get some amazing ideas!

That's all for this week!

I hope you enjoyed the new format, and definitely give some feedback if you have any! Leaving you with a link to Jon Gordon's blog (which I hope works...), with some wonderful tips and advice on leadership, trust, and developing positive and life-changing habits!
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