Eating Disorders

By: Billy Griffin

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are metal disorders that cause you to ear he wrong amount.

Typically eating too little and worrying about body image.

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Bulimia is one of tweo major eating disorders.

Bulimia causes you to purge.

Typically binge and purge but could also be without the binging part.

Bulimia is caused by a bad body image.

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Anorexia is starvinging yourself.

Food seems unattractive any you didnt want to eat anyhting.

This is also caused by a bad body image.

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Body Image

Body image is how you see yourself.

It is the cause of many eating disorders and much more.

People tend to see more of the bad then the good when looking at heir body image.

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Eating disorders typically appear in teen and young adult years.

But anyone can be effected by them.

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