Constitutional monarchy government

European Union

The Netherlands joined the European Union in 1952. It was one of the six founding members of the European union. The others were France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Germany.


The colors of the Netherlands flag were the colors of William I, prince of Orange. Originally the top bar was orange but it faded to red over time and was left like that.

Physical features and location

The Netherlands is located north of Belgium west of Germany south of the north sea and east of the UK. In the Central part of the Netherlands there are lots of low rolling hills there are the west frisian islands along the northern coast. Also there are hundreds of miles of navigatable canals in the central part of the Netherlands and 4 River Deltas, the Rijin, Mass, Scheldt and Waal. The Netherlands were never part of another country.


If you find yourself in Amsterdam you should look at the beautiful architecture and world-famous museums. Things to check people to other places in the Netherlands are art, canals, ice-skating, tulips and flowers, windmills and wooden shoes.


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