February 2016

Digital Resources that Parents will LOVE!

This month we are featuring resources that will give parents something to love! In this edition, you will find resources to help make parents' lives easier. Homework help for all grades and topics and world class math support to help your child catch up or move ahead.

Teacher Tube

Now here is one of my favorites. Don't let the name throw you! This channel of the popular YouTube franchise is not just for teachers. This site has thousands of videos that explain just about anything your child may need help with. Dividing fractions? There's a video for that. Understanding the timeline of the earth's development? Got one for that too! Need to know how to use a comma? Look no further!

Kahn Academy

This site takes your child where they are in math and moves them forward at their own pace. The quality of the video instruction is amazing. You can follow your child's progress and even sign-up for your own courses. Not only is math and option but there are self-study course son coding and other topics. This site will take your child from number sense to advanced trigonometry. Oh, did I mention that it is FREE?