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June 2015

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Your Programmatic Little Black Book

A recap of everything programmatic all in one place! Amnet’s Programmatic Pulse will keep you updated on new opportunities available through Amnet as well as trending industry news.

Cannes Says It's All About Data: Kickstart Your Data Strategy Brainstorm

Amnet Leads the Market

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Let's Not Be One Dimensional. Leverage Programmatic Mobile & Video.

Are You on Trend? Amnet's POVs on Market Debates.

The Inside Scoop from Amnet's 2015 Summit

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Each year, the U.S. Amnet team gathers together to evaluate new marketplace opportunities and innovative ways in which we have achieved programmatic success for our clients. Just last month, the team spent 3 days at Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose, Texas, talking through recent changes in the industry and how we can help our clients stay on the leading edge of programmatic.

A HUGE congratulations to our 2015 Amnet Summit Award winners! The team members were nominated by their peers for their embodiment of the DAN values and their commitment to driving success for their clients.

From Left to Right:

  • Jennifer Scheel, Detroit - "Amn-a" Star Award (High Achiever)
  • Taylor Childs, New York - Unsung Hero Award (Responsible)
  • Josh Warren, Chicago - Steve Jobs Award (Innovation)
  • Stephanie Landrum, Fort Worth - Trailblazer Award (Pioneering)
  • Reshma Karnik, Fort Worth - The Quarterback Award (Collaborative)
  • Vincent Bareges, New York - Pitch Perfect Award (Ambitious)
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Our Programmatic Pulse Takes Off!

Amnet's first U.S. Programmatic Pulse newsletter was a hit and we received a great response from around the network. The content was shared globally and the map below shows each of the locations where the newsletter was viewed!
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And just because Amnet loves analytics...

  • The most viewed content from the May edition was 'Understanding Viewability'
  • Most readers spent more than 10 minutes on the page
  • The May edition has received over 4,500 views

If there are certain topics that you want to see in next month's Programmatic Pulse, let us know! Email your feedback to

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