Atoms; Let's Get At 'Em!!

By: Anna Longhofer & Rosie Mendoza

The Periodic Table

Group - a vertical row in the periodic table (up and down)

*******A group tells you how many valence electrons the element has.

Period - a horizontal row in the periodic table (sideways)

*******A period tells you how many orbitals the element has.

Determining P, E, N.

*protons = the atomic number

*electrons = the atomic number

*neutrons = the atomic mass rounded minus the atomic number


*located in the nucleus

*weigh only 1 amu

*positively charged


*located on the orbitals (or electron cloud)

*electrons are charged negatively

*takes almost 2,000 electrons to equal 1 amu (!!!!!!!)

Valence Electons ---- Look up at the picture above again!

*electrons found on outermost orbital

*determine how the atoms bond

**To find the number of valence electrons, look at the group number of the element.


*have a neutral charge (not positive or negative)

*are found in the nucleus along with the protons

*weigh 1 amu


Credit goes to Google for all those wonderful pictures that everyone loved, our science journal, binder, and Mrs. Bentke for giving us all this knowledge in only the first few weeks of school.