Social media in class rooms

The positive effect of using social media in the classroom

Social Medias Positive Outlooks

Everyone claims that the “Facebook Generation” or the “Tweeters of tomorrow” are going to somehow corrupt themselves with the constant acknowledgement of social media. Many teachers and students have proved this theory wrong though. Not only can students learn in the classroom with social media being used, but it gives the children a gateway towards information and easier contact with the teachers.

Helping out the class

Social Media is giving everyone an easier way to express themselves in class and thus helping more students today. While most people will say that Social Media hurts a child’s attention span in class or that they are distracted by it a bunch of teachers in this generation use websites like “youtube” and “twitter” to become more involved with their students at any time.

The most commonly used social media sites

Social Media is just the gateway for all new ways of learning

Easier access to information

Teachers in this day and age have found it possible that using social media in the classroom can help to improve literacy and being able to maintain many things at one time. “You know it's the right thing to do: integrating social media into your work develops digital literacy, builds relationships, helps you meet teens where they are, and helps to provide access to information” (Hanson). Not only does this quote show the many positives of having social media in the classroom, but it proves that not all students will be completely distracted by having it in the room.