Rejuvenating Offbeat Destinations in Thailand

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Glittering city of Bangkok and amazing nightlife of Pattaya comes to our mind when we think of a tour to Thailand. But dare to think beyond these popular places and you will find that there are destinations in Thailand where nature and primitive ways of life are popular draw cards.

So board cheap flights to Thailand and embark on an odyssey where not glitter and glitz but nature and its bounties give you company.

Chiang Mai: Popularly called as Thailand’s “Rose of the North”; Chiang Mai is a destination that boasts of a heady mix of culture, nature and ethnic touch. A good number of tourist attractions and a friendly ambience further enhance its importance as a tourist hub. The place also presents a seamless blend of historical and contemporary Thai cultures. The destination is so appealing that people with love for nature never miss an opportunity to visit the place situated 700km northwest of Bangkok. The town has a treasure trove of 300 temples that further ads to its beauty.

Chiang Rai: The city of Chiang Rai is locally known as ‘Siang Hai’. This quaint cousin of Chiang Mai is also referred as ‘the gateway to the Golden Triangle’. Well known for its excellent trekking options, the town is synonymous with its serene surroundings and quaint lifestyle.

In a time where there is no dearth glamour and glitz, vacationers look for serene places as favourite destinations. So if you’re looking for some destination where nature is sole entertainer, catch multi stop flights to Thailand and explore these laidback destinations.

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