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October 3-7th

From Kim and Sarah...

BrightBytes data collection for certified staff and 3rd-12th grade students began on Monday, September 26 and run through Friday, October 7. As a reminder, BrightBytes metrics are now a part of our strategic plan. The district expectation is 100% staff and student participation. Mrs. Bodine will be reviewing the BrightBytes data with us during the first part of our SWOT staff meeting after school on Tuesday, October 4th. Please wait until after the meeting to have students complete the survey. A Connect 5 call was made on September 30th, encouraging parents to also complete the survey. The survey information was also posted on FB and is located on the Westport K-8 Webpage.

Here is a link to the staff survey:

Here is a link to the student survey:

Also, please review the following information regarding district Chromebook filters and processes for reporting student use of inappropriate sites:

· District Chromebooks are filtered using a product called Securly. Securly filters Chromebooks at school and at home.

· Websites are filtered upon categories and blocks items such as pornography, proxy websites used to bypass filtering, weapons, drugs, gambling, hacking and other non-educational websites.

· Parents can find out more about how we keep students safe and secure on their Chromebooks on the IGNiTE@Home website.

· If a student, parent or teacher reports that inappropriate content is available to students, please send any websites or Chrome extensions you believe should be blocked report to me immediately and I will follow district guidelines for resolving the issue.

Here is an FAQ that you may provide to parents who have questions regarding district filtering policies.

MAP Grade-Level Individual Student Reports (ISR’s) will be delivered to our site soon. Once we receive the reports, please let parents know via your newsletters these are available and can be picked up immediately. For parents who would like to wait, reports can be distributed at parent/teacher conferences.

The GRIC/FRIC data collection window is now open. Coaches and I are looking forward to visiting your classroom to collect baseline data. Concerning the Writing IC - A fidelity check will happen in the spring.

Mrs. Young's Counseling Thoughts...

During the fall of the year (now) I do counseling units on making smart, safe, healthy choices. The unit culminates with Red Ribbon Week the last of Oct., encouraging students to stay drug, tobacco, and alcohol free. During this time (this year it’s Oct. 5) Melinda Vacey from the Victim’s Center comes to present to K, 3, and 5 students “Better Safe Than Sorry” which includes safe/unsafe touch. Any time there are presentations coming that have to do with safety (like fire safety, “Don’t Meth With Me”, please include me in the loop so I can also emphasize that during my counseling lessons.

What is coming this week?

October 3rd- Bus Evacuation Drills- Starting at 10:00

October 4th-SWOT meeting in the Library at 3:15 for all certified staff

October 5th- Mrs. Sublett and Mrs. Cooper out of bldg in the afternoon- Mrs. Patrick will be the Leader in Charge

October 6th-Mrs. Sublett focus school meeting at Fremont

October 6th- 4th Grade Camp Wakonda field trip

Deep Learning With Devices

Here is a short read regarding learning with personal devices. It provides 5 easy ways to foster deeper learning with devices.

Literacy Corner

Thank you so much for taking time to get routines and procedures in place. In the text, Reflective Practice For Renewing Schools, the author writes “Remember-Go slow to go fast. Learning new practices rarely happens in the fast lane. Allocate sufficient time for modeling, teaching, practicing skills of listening, speaking, inquiring and responding.”

We are excited about the GREAT things happening at Westport!

Please click on the picture for info...

Dr. Quirk offers the best way to upload artifacts to tower

If you need assistance with this process, please seek assistance from our BLS

  • Teachers can create a Google folder in their Drive as a home for any/all artifacts they would like included in their portfolio for purposes of feedback and/or evaluation
  • Embed a link to that folder into a Word doc – upload the Word doc to TOWER as an artifact
  • Through that one upload you can access all artifacts by clicking on the link
  • It will update as additional artifacts are added to the folder and will be accessible from year to year by repeating the process annually
  • As always for a successful TOWER upload, please don’t include numbers or punctuation in the title of the Word doc uploaded and keep the optional TOWER descriptor under 200 characters

Assessment Corner

One of the changes this year is to have one designated Site Test Coordinator, for both district and state assessments at each building. This change provides a streamlined communication flow through a single point of contact established for each SPS site.

Moving forward, Dave Whitham, Coordinator of Assessment, will make site visits to K-12 locations throughout the year to provide district and state assessment support. By design, he can customize and provide assessment trainings, including i-Ready, support sites in analyzing assessment data and answer any questions we may have regarding implementation of assessments, to ensure data is received on-time and is accurate. Please let coaches or administration know if you have any assessment related questions, so we can support you and seek guidance from Dave Whitham when needed.

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