Biomedical Engineering

By: Nisha Ramesh

What is Biomedical engineering?

Have you ever thought a second about where your doctors get their doctoral appliances designed and fixed?

Biomedical engineers innovate and create new types of operational tools. This field combines the medical field and the engineering field so, you get to experience twice the experience as a regular doctor! In this field, workers design and fix tools such as stethoscopes and needles. These are miracle workers that support doctors in saving a thousand lives.

Interests, Skills and Aptitudes needed...

1. You need to understand the basics of programming and demonstrate some skill in this profession. For a majority of this job you will be spending time with a computer.
2. You have to shine some interest upon designing and innovation. This is practically your whole job!
3. Your aptitudes should lean towards excelling in math, critical thinking and problem solving.

If you fit one of these descriptions, you may want to consider this field for your career!

Certifications and Degrees

I'm sure you have heard that doctors waste almost half of their life studying to be a doctors. Well, one major advantage in this career is that you are also studying to be an engineer and so you will receive the benefit of the doubt.
First you definitely are required to have a bachelors degree in this field. In order to accomplish this, you would want to go to a great university such as, UTD, UTA, or Baylor. The requirements for Baylor (My dream college) is a 1650 or more on the SAT and a 22 or more on the ACT. Also, you should strive for a B or more on your high school grades, these grades count towards your GPA.
Always remember, this is the bare minimum so you can strive towards a lot more. Most people also get a masters degree before jumping into a job. The typical amount of studying is around 6-7 years but based on your decisions, these years may vary.

Employment and Salary

Employment in the Biomedical engineering field is growing by the minute. Currently, there are 19,400 + jobs in this field. There is usually about a 23% growth in this field every year. The typical salary for this job, it not on the lower side of the scale, is around $65,900. This is definitely a great field if you want a career with growing opportunities!

Career goals

Overall, Biomedical Engineering is a great field to be in. You get to experience a little bit of two great fields and combine that into one! My long term career goals are to successfully get into a great university and from there, study into getting my masters degree and finally getting a great job. Don't underestimate the power of innovation, renovation and creation!


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