Falcon Focus

March 5, 2021

From Mr. Biscan

Dear Falcon Families,

I hope this edition of the Falcon Focus finds you and your family safe and well. The weather is beginning to turn for the better, we have more students in the building, remote students continue to connect with their teachers and classmates, sports and activities are in full swing, and the availability of the vaccines used to combat COVID-19 are on the upswing. There's much to be grateful for as we progress through 2nd semester.

I encourage you to keep having conversations and check-ins with your child about their learning and their grades. The importance of those discussions can't be underestimated. Earlier in the semester, we shared a FAQ for Parents/Guardians about 2nd semester learning expectations. This document contains suggestions that are targeted and helpful to assist you and your child. That document can be found here.

We appreciate your continued cooperation and partnership as we work to help all students grow and develop.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Biscan, Principal

We are Falcons. We are Proud. We are North

From the Desk of Mr. Venckus, Assistant Principal of Student Services

2nd Semester Hybrid Student Attendance Policy

We have communicated our new policy and started enforcing it on Monday, February 1. In summary, once hybrid students accumulate a minimum of three (3) instances of not being present in school on their in-person days, regardless of whether they are working virtually or not, they may be moved to fully virtual learning for the remainder of the semester. Students who have elected to attend school in person are expected to report to school on their hybrid learning days. The privilege to attend in person is not an option for students who want to reserve a spot for the personally appropriate time to attend in person. Hybrid students who have not been present in school on their in-person days are being reminded by their teachers and deans of the policy and the importance of attending school in person. We understand that there are some valid reasons for working virtually on in-person days (e.g., ill, COVID-related, appointment, etc.); however, there are some reasons for working virtually on in-person days that are not (e.g., don’t feel like coming in today, slept in, overslept, etc.). Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and please let us know if you would like to discuss this further.

Student Parking Fee for 2nd Semester

Our student parking fee for 2nd Semester (began Monday, February 1) is $25.00. If you have a parking tag and would like to continue using it for 2nd Semester, please give your fee (cash or check payable to WNHS) to Mrs. Andersen in the Deans’ Office Monday-Friday from 7:00-12:00 or 1:00-2:45. If you are no longer using your parking tag for 2nd Semester, please return it to Mrs. Andersen to avoid getting charged the fee. You may not give it or sell it to another student. If you did not have a parking tag for 1st Semester and are interested in one for 2nd Semester, please see Mrs. Andersen for availability of spots and an application.

Surveillance Testing

Just a reminder that A-cohort students will continue to submit their samples on Thursdays, and B-cohort on Tuesdays. All samples must be collected at home and brought to school and deposited no later than 11:00 a.m. in the bins located inside the main entrance (Door 1), the bus doors (Door 34), or the back of the building/student parking lot doors (Door 16).

The next round of tests will be distributed during student lunches on Friday, March 5 and Monday, March 8.

Students who haven’t received their tests after Monday, March 8 can pick them up from the Deans’ Office Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Attention Falcon Parents - Your Feedback is Requested!

Wheaton North High School and all District 200 schools are participating in the Illinois 5Essentials Survey.

The 5Essentials Survey is given to students, teachers, and parents to measure a school's progress in instruction, family connections, the school environment, collaborative teaching, and school leadership. The securely collected data is used by school leaders to drive school improvement and identify areas of strength.

The parent survey can be found at this link.

Parent feedback is a critical and valued component of this survey.

Would you please help us and take the 5Essentials Survey?

Thank you for your time and feedback; both are greatly appreciated!

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Math Honor Society

Wheaton North's Chapter of Mu Alpha Theta (math honor society) will be hosting an informational meeting on Wednesday March 10. Join the Google Meet
( meet.google.com/yai-kpov-pjm ) at either 9am or 2pm to learn about admission requirements and the application process. (FYI freshmen are not yet eligible to apply). Please contact Danielle Wennmaker ( danielle.wennmaker@cusd200.org ) with any questions.

Our Virtual Resource Center is Available to All Students -- ONLINE and Open Now!

Dear Falcon Families,

Is your student in need of extra help? If so, we have help available from both staff and students through our Virtual Resource Center!

For staff help during all lunch periods, please have your student access the Google Meet links here: Virtual Resource Center

For help from a peer tutor, please have your students access this student-created website (scan the QR code to access the website):

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From the Counseling Department

General Announcements

Please follow the counseling department on Twitter @wncounseling for up-to-date information on a variety of topics from scheduling to scholarship information.

Students can request virtual meetings with their counselor via email or by calling their direct line.

Course Registration Information

All students should be able to see all their course requests in their studentvue account by clicking on the “Course Requests” tab just above their gradebook. When viewing your courses it is important to note that courses ending in an odd number are first semester courses and courses ending in an even number are second semester courses. If students see an indicator that states that a prerequisite course has not been met, they can ignore that indicator.

If your student notices an error or missing request, they should immediately reach out to their counselor. Students should have a total of 14 requests for full time students. Students attending TCD will only see 8 total requests.

Highly Selective College Night - Grades 9-11

Highly Selective College Night as held on February 25th this year. Students and families can view all materials, including the pre-recorded presentation and the live Q and A session with college admissions counselors can be viewed on our counseling website.

Class of 2021

Please make sure your students are checking the monthly local scholarship bulletin every month.

If your son or daughter needs additional support, have them reach out to their counselor to set up an appointment.

All students can access virtual college visits on the counseling website. This allows students to go on virtual college visits to some of the top schools that WN students apply to in addition to schools across the country.

The FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) opened on October 1st. Don’t wait to get started! For a complete guide to the FAFSA, please check out the counseling website under the Financial Aid link.

Beginning with the 2020-21 school year, in addition to all other graduation requirements, a student must meet one of the following requirements to receive a public school diploma (Public Act 101-0180).

  1. File a FAFSA Application; or

  2. File an Application for State Financial Aid; or

  3. File a waiver/opt out with the school district. (This should only be filled out if you do not intend to complete the FAFSA. Once completed, please download and email it to the counseling office secretary at: carolyn.switalski@cusd200.org

Nothing additional is needed to meet the graduation requirement. Once you file your FAFSA, the state reports back to WN that it is complete.

Class of 2022

If you have not watched our Junior Parent Presentation, please click on the link below to download. The presentation contains full audio and is approximately 25 minutes long.

Junior Family Night Pre-Recorded Presentation Link

Parents can access all College Search Materials via the counseling website.

On November 19, counselors met with all students on their caseloads to provide an overview of Junior Conferences and the College Search Process. Parents and students can Access the Presentation here. A step by step college search guide with video tutorials can be found here. Parents can watch these videos to get a better understanding of the process as well.

Juniors formally began the college search process with their counselors after Thanksgiving Break. Conferences will take until spring break.

All students can access virtual college visits on the counseling website. This allows students to go on virtual college visits to some of the top schools that WN students apply to in addition to schools across the country.

Scholarship Opportunities

Monthly Scholarship Bulletin

Every month the Counseling Department provides students and parents with a list of local scholarships and some national scholarships through the Scholarship Bulletin. The Scholarship Bulletin is updated monthly. It is available in the Counseling Center and online at:

School Yearbook Information


Interested in purchasing a 2020-2021 yearbook?

Order Here

Interested in purchasing a 2019-2020 yearbook?

  • A very limited number of yearbooks are available for purchase starting October 1.

  • Yearbooks are $50.

  • These are first come, first serve and can be purchased through the WNHS Main Office in person.

Falcon WiNGS

Upcoming Meeting- Tuesday March 9 at 7pm-IN PERSON!

Please join us for our next Falcon WiNGS meeting in the Wheaton North Cafeteria at 7pm. Anyone interested should park in the lot behind the school and enter with your mask through Door 26. Can’t wait to see you there!

Looking To Get Involved?

The Falcon WiNGS are looking for a few new officers and committee chairs for the 2021-2022 school year. It takes a lot of us to run the program, but open positions for next year are Vice President, Treasurer, Yard Signs chair and a Corporate Sponsorship chair. Many of these positions can be shared so grab a friend and get involved! For more information, contact any of the current officers listed on our website at http://www.wnfalconwings.org/

Falcon Spirit Wear

Don’t forget, our online store is open 24 hour a day, 7 days a week! Need new gear? Go to http://www.wnfalconwings.org/falcon-wear.html to place your order. Delivery or pick up available!

Scholarship application is open!

SENIORS, time to start thinking about scholarships! - Don’t miss this chance to receive a $500 scholarship from the Wheaton North Falcon WiNGS! Up to ten awards will be made to senior students who have been active in Wheaton North activities and plan to attend a one to four year accredited educational program after graduation.

Scholarship awards are made on the basis of participation in Wheaton North activities such as:

• Athletics

• Performing arts

• Student clubs

• And other school related activities, along with leadership, a personal statement and academic record.

Applications are due April 5, 2021.

Forms, including instructions and further information, may be downloaded from the WiNGS website at: www.wnfalconwings.org at any time.