Market Research company

Philipp Stonerock

A.C. Neilsen

Some services they offer are top ten stuff, as well as TV's and other products. They offer various insight on trends and offer it to consumers worldwide. They also offer a wide variety of careers ranging from analytic and professional services to part time call center. However, they do not give information out to consumers about trends.

J.D. Power and Associates

They specialize in cars. They share car information to consumers and give insight to businesses about customer satisfaction. They use responses from millions of people to obtain their data.

The Gallup Orginization

Gallup offers books about new research on business, leadership, well being and politics. It offers information to the public through their news reports as well as on their website. Gallup hires people from the help desk clerk to the administration services people. They require a well background information about the job.