Bella & Neow

Looking for a loving, understanding home!

Getting very close to when I head out (10th July ) please if anyone is able to help Bella & Neow!! ****

Bella and Neow are both Soi dogs that came from our neighborhood in Bangkok. Neow along with his full litter had been thrown in the local Klong , my daughter saw them struggling and was able to rescue Neow and bought him back to her home .

The rest of the litter where able to get to shore but on the other side and quickly ran for cover. With this traumatic beginning he was left a little untrusting of people and is still rather shy.

Bella was hit by a car when we found her and with all the Vets closed for the night we held little hope for her to get through the night. She was bleeding form the nose eyes and her belly was extremely bloated. But a fighter she has proved to be! after being checked out by the vet in the morning we had to keep an eye on her for a week ! of course .. end of that chapter. Last year she suffered Tick fever and after months of on of treatment , a week on a drip and being force feed for two further weeks she has fought her way back and now has a very healthy appetite.

After almost 9 fabulous years in Thailand , the draw of my family and grandchildren is getting too strong. I am heading back to Australia and unfortunately I can only manage to take one younger dog with me as I must take him via Europe to get out of the 6 mths quarantine require to return to Australia. So I have hoping there is some one out there that will take on a very special couple of Soi dogs that are quite shy but give their all when you open your heart to them.

They are currently being worked with by a local trainer to help open their world up a little.

They both enjoy their walks and are good on lead , very clean in the house and yard. Do not dig or damage the garden.

Both are sterilized and will have all shots up to date.

Neow is around 8 and Bella around 6 years old.

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I am planning on heading out around May this year .

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