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People can overcome adversities

anyone can overcome their problems if they work hard and try their best then they can overcome their problems like these very important people to society.

Even Oprah has had Adversitys

Oprah starting off in her life already faced some adversity By being born to a an unwed ten mom and at ages 9-13 she was abused by relatives and when she tried running away she was sent to jail only to be denied because it was full. And at 14 she had given birth to a young boy who had died at infancy and she was on her own and went to Nashville Tennessee to live with her Father.

However when she went with her dad she was happy and became an honor student and eventually asked about a T.V. show. And in 1976 she moved to Baltimore to become a news co-anchor and co-hosted her first talk show Called "People Are Talking". And finally in 1984 she was asked to host a am Chicago half hour morning talk show which was later turned into the Oprah Winfrey Show. this is why adversities shouldn't get you down because if you be resilient then this could happen to you if you work hard enough.

Steve Jobs to Bill Gates

When they both started their companies they were both going through very big financial problems and were sort of poor in a way, But the difference is that Bill gates was able to pick himself up But Steve needed to borrow money from Bill gates. Both Dropped out of college to try and start their websites But Steve didn't know what to do but bill did know he was going to start his company in new Mexico. And finally they both accept that the failures in their life are the reason that they own their companies and that their where they are now.
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Michaels problems and solutions

Michael Jordan is arguably one if not The Greatest Basketball Player ever. But however he still has his fair share of problems but they had their solution. His Parents moved to North Carolina where he immediately was interested in sports and he played sports in his front yard with his dad who loved Baseball. And he got into Basketball and he became good, However when he went to Laney High school he was cut from the team because he was "raw and undersized". And in school he was Bullied because of his race and was called names like Black toy or Nerd alert because he was very smart at this time of his life. But he worked tirelessly to become better and he grew some inches and kids stopped bullying him after he told an adult and he scored 25 points on one of his games and was selected as McDonalds all-American team as senior. and in 1984 he was on the NBA draft and he was put on the Chicago bulls and eventually he won M.V.P of the year five times and many other awards and became a legend.

The causes of Jims Problems and their Effect

You may not think that the talented actor Jim Carey had no big problems in his life, But you would be very wrong. First Jim was diagnosed with ADHD And then he dropped out of school at age 15 to help support his family meaning hes not getting a normal education like other kids. and also his dad lost his job so they went from middle lower class to low class after a while and was stated living outside a van. And all this leads to a huge effect which is that he has had major depression and drank alcohol and was taking Prozac. But luckily he pulled through these hard times with perseverance and doing what he thought was right and became the big success he is today.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson has a lot to be upset about despite him being a famous athlete. Like the fact his mom had him when she was 15 and his dad left. He doesn't act upset about it though by the way he acts we can tell he doesn't care much at all. Also there is when he had his best friend tony Clark was killed by his girlfriend during an argument and a family friend was caught doing drugs so we can very easily depict that he is very upset about that and that he still carries the memories of Tony with him. And when he was at a bowling alley he ran into some white people who were disrespecting him and they started a fight and Allen was arrested for 5 years but was eventually released after realizing he was innocent. And eventually he worked hard and with the help of his coach he became an athletic star and triumphed over his adversity's.
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