The New England Colonies

Move To New England

Why you should move to New England

Do you take Christianity very seriously? Do you want your kids to get a good education? Then pack your bags and move to New England. We have everything you need including schools, church every Sunday and housing. We have job openings for everyone like lumber jacks fisherman and hunters. Our economy is very wealthy and is based off of a general court so come on over.

Daily life and kids

Life in New England may have a harsh climate, but the friendly soil makes up for it! New England has so many farmers because it's hard to transport crops from town to town so each town grows its own food.

Some men chose to be fishermen. They catch so many fish they can't not sell them all here so we build ships to carry the fish to other regions of the world like Europe and the West Indies. The ships also bring back other goods from where they came from in exchange for fish. New England is the land of many skilled workers. From farmers to ship builders to sailors, manufacturers and merchants. The children of new England keep busy helping their community grow. Boys go to school to be educated while girls Stay at home and do house work.


Slavery is alowed in the New England colonies but is not very common. Slaves can be traind to do a number of jobs, not just as a field hands. They can work in your shop, be a fisherman, and help build boats.


Our society believes in democracy. We have a governor and elect an assembly. Our towns have lots of town meetings.


This is America's Story Wilder,Ludlum,Brown