Breaking Dawn part 2

made by: Hayden Beecham, Elizabethe Jaramillo


This story is about a girl named Bella and she was recently transformed and changed into a vampire. She has a baby and shares a love life with another vampire named Edward. The babys name is Ellen and she is half vampire and half human. According to the Voltore, a group who are the leaders of the vampires across the world found that Ellen threatning and wrong. The Voltore has a battle with Edward, his family, Bella, and some of Edwards friends. Turns out at the end, it was all a dream.

Call to Adventure

The call to adventure is when the Volturi sees Renesmai and thought that the family broke the rules.


Refuse of the Call

There is no refusal of the call because bella knows that she has to protect her daughter so she goes and does what she can to protect her. She goes and gets other vampires on her side not to kill the voltore but to have enought people on their side that they will finally relize and beleve her that her daughter was and is not a human that was not turned into a vampire. That was born a vampire.

Beggining of Adventure

The beggining of the adventure is when Edward and Bella find friends that are Vampires to defend Renesma.

Experience with Unconditional Love

The experience with unconditional love is shown throught the whole book. Edward and Bella love each other and they both love Renesma. Jacob inprinted on Renesma and soon will fall in love with the duaghter of Edward and Bella.

Refusul of the Return

The refusal of the Return is when Edward and Bella and everybody else relizes that the Volyuri is too powerfull. They knew that they were going to die, but they refused to forfeit and decided to protect and fight for Renesma.

The Ultimate Boom

The Ultimate Boom is when they were fighting. The big suprise is Aero was visualizing what was about to happen at the battle field before the "real" battle happened. he visualized the battle in the future and saw that he died, so the Volturi left.

The Crossing

The crossong is when Edward, Bella, and Renesma went home and lived there "normal" vampire lives. The Volturi went back to Italy to there castle. Everything is peaceful and everyone is happy.
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