CRCSD School Improvement

Mid- Year BLT and SIP Review

"Our SIP is not on the shelf" was a "tweet" from one of our teams during our mid-year review. I love this and it is most certainly true across our 31 schools. Teams are working diligently to implement efforts outlined in the SIP.

Our mid-year review was intended to focus attention on both how we are working together and how we monitor implementation. Feedback from the sessions was overwhelmingly positive; teacher leaders and administrators found the time to be useful to reflect and refocus.

We are many weeks beyond the mid-year review. As we move into the final days of March, has your team taken action on the 3 action steps identified to improve team effectiveness? Did your team complete the analysis of your adult and student measures for both your CEI and Culture goals? What insights did you gain to support teacher learning and practices?

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Power of the Pause

We all know the importance of "wait time" in the classroom. In practice, that means that teachers pause 3-5 seconds after asking a question to support student thinking. How might we think about this same concept in the context of a BLT meeting?

Have you noticed on your team that some process and think out loud, while others need time to reflect and process internally? How do we as a team respond and work together so that all can provide meaningful contribution.

Pausing, while seemingly simple, has great power. When a question is asked in the course of a BLT meeting, providing wait time allows time for members to process and organize thinking. Don't be afraid of the silence. After one person answers, wait. Don't be too quick to jump in or move on. Ironically, a moment of silence just might invite additional ideas and perspectives into the conversation.