Spring Final Exam Schedule

Anderson-Shiro Jr/Sr High School

Final Exam Exemption Policy

The following guidelines for final exam exemptions will apply for all student’s grades 9 - 12:

Grade Final Exemptions

* Seniors * Any class both fall and spring

* Juniors * 3 exams per semester

* Sophomores &

* 2 exams per semester but no more than once in an academic year



The following formula will apply:

Numerical Semester Average Number of Absences Allowed

90 - 100 3

80 - 89 2

Days that DO NOT count against exemptions

1. School sponsored trips

2. Class absences initiated by an administrator or counselor

Days that DO count against exemptions

1. Absence due to tardiness (3 tardies = 1 absence)

2. Excused absence, including medical.

No “Serious Offense” violation as classified in the Code of Conduct (ISS, DAEP, Suspension, Expulsion)

No outstanding fees & fines or textbooks

Exemptions are determined before the final grades and absences are calculated. Therefore, students, be informed that the exemptions could be revoked. If the student’s grade or number of absences no longer makes him/her eligible for the exemption, the teacher will notify the student that the exemption has been revoked. If an exemption has been revoked, the student will not be allowed to acquire a different exemption after the deadline.

If the above qualifications are met and the final exam is not taken, the average of the

two nine-weeks grades will be entered on the report card as the exam grade. For Example: If the students average for the two nine weeks is an 89 then the student will have an 89 for put in as the exam grade.

Any exempted student may opt to take the final exam in any class. If the exam is taken, it will count in the final semester average.