Texas Drought

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Water Consumption

U.S.A consumes the most water.

70% of the world's freshwater is used for agriculture

22% of the worlds freshwater is used for industrial use.

ONLY 8% of the world's freshwater is used for domestic use

The World's Freshwater

0.3% of freshwater is surface water

70% of freshwater is in the ice of the polar region

30% of freshwater is ground water

Where water in Texas come from

Most water in Texas comes from ground water obtained by the use of aquifers. This makes up around 80% of where Texas water comes from. The other 20% would be through surface water, in the form of lakes and rivers.

When is the predicted time water runs out?

With the reducing amount of water in the aquifers, the water supply in Texas is going to decrease significantly in 2060 by 15.3 acre-feet.

Others say water in Texas is going to run out in around 2050 due to the increase

in the population by almost two times

In 2011, Texas had one of it's most driest times. If this continues to happen, the predicted time water will dry up may be even closer than we expected.

How is our daily water usage impacting the local and global economy?

The drought has cost farmers more than 7.6 billion dollars

The price of hay is now 200% more than it was.

3.23 dollars has been lost in the cattle sector and 2.2 billion dollars in the cotton sector.

Food prices will go up.

Over the next half century, one of the suggested infrastructures will total 53 billion dollars

Many downstream farmers might also not be able to get their water to irrigate their crops as the water does not reach there anymore

Why should Texas water be conserved and how?

Texas water should be conserved as with a growing population, there will be no water left for the next generations if we do not save it.

It protects the water supply for downstream communities

It reduces greenhouse gas produced when water is being filtered.

We can save water by using new water saving technology

Using our water smartly can save us water like in the picture below

Why save water

How to save water

What can the state do? Can can each individual on a daily basis.

The state make rules on when lawns can be water and other thing that don't need water everyday

Most of the water is used for agriculture and industrial uses so the state can make rules to save water that does not have to be used

Each individual can contribute a little to this. Everyone helping out will accumulate to a lot of water in a long run.

Taking shorter showers, turning off the tap when not necessary and other small things can help out a lot and also save a lot of money.

GOOD Transparency: Water Conservation

How can we change the predicted time of being without water?

The simple answer to this is to conserve as much as we possibly can. Every drop counts. Making small changes in our lifestyle can save a life one day.