the positive and negative effects

Positives of Marijuana

There are pros to Marijuana even though many would argue the fact. Some positive things Marijuana does is it make you feel happier, and more relaxed. It increases enjoyment of music and art and increases your imagination and creativity. It can also make the user feel euphoric, less self-conscious, talkative and increased laughing When used as a medicine Marijuana has been shown to help cure a wide range of aliments such as depression, shoulder and back pain, headaches, and nausea.


There are also negatives to balance the positives. Under the influence of Marijuana there is an increase in forgetfulness, concentration difficulties, loss of balance, dizziness, and nausea. There can also be an increase in anxiety and paranoia. Smoking Marijuana can also lead to the same symptoms cigarette smokers experience such as lung cancer, yellowing of teeth, and awful smelling breath and oder. Marijuana is also referred to as a gateway drug as it leads to the use of other hard drugs such as cocaine and heroine. Most times these hard drugs are laced into the marijuana itself.

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