My Fable

Walker Carrithers

The Viper and the Crow

Once a snake roamed the lands of the farm and controlled the entire food supply. Though later came a crow who perched himself up on the tree so he could scout any food on the ground. He saw a mouse and swooped down to grab it and secure it within its claws. Then the viper leaped up and stuck his teeth into the wing of the crow, but that would only save the mouse from the crow. It would not save his life from the viper. It was the vipers food and he was not going to let anyone take it from his own land. The crow struggled to get up with the poison in his veins. The viper said to the crow ,"only take what you can get before you get caught." The crow then later dashed of into the corn rows behind the farm and then never returned again. For he knew that if he did ever return again the viper would be expecting it.


The theme of this story is to only take what is yours or it could cost you more than you gained.