Have you been to Mexico I have been there ones. It is very different to Wisconsin all of the language and there foods a lot is different more then you would think


The main language in Mexico is Spanish is a popular language is Japanese is not used a lot in Mexico but it is sometimes
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Capital City

The capital city is Mexico City you would see rich kids and you could see Lucha Libre wrestling it is awesome. There is of color in Mexico City all over every were.
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Some notes are plastic notes and paper notes . They all have different photos on the back. And the coins have the same coin image on the back. Some of the coins go for $500-$8000


Flan is one of the best enjoyed desert in the world. Pan de muerto is a type of sweet bread the place of origin is Mexico. Cecina meat is that has been salted and brid by means ofair, sun or smoke. Chapulines are grasshopper toasted grasshopper are on every food in Mexico almost like tocos, eggs and more.
Now that you have read some information about Mexico if you diside to go there now you know about Mexico its a fun place.