American Postal Workers Union

The U.S. Mail is not for Sale!


  • founded on July 1, 1971
  • APWU was founded upon the merger of five postal unions: the United Federation of Postal Clerks, the National Postal Union, the National Association of Post Office, the General Service Maintenance Employees, and the Association of Special Delivery Messengers

  • Jan. 20, 1971, participated in the first collective bargaining session with seven postal unions, including five that were soon to merge into the APWU.

About APWU

  • 1. For more than four decades, APWU has fought for dignity and respect on the job for the workers we represent, as well as for decent pay and benefits and safe working conditions.
  • 2.supports the struggle for social and economic justice for all working families.
  • 3.The primary job of the union is to negotiate, interpret, and enforce a national Agreement with the postal service

Support !

  • APWU is supported by congressman Dave Bernstein


  • 1.) 6 Percent wage increase
  • 2.) Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • 3.) Engagement Management System
  • 4.) Insurance benefits