Your Phone

Hard times are gone and the good times are back

Your Phone- The Hard times are gone, Good times are back

We know how you felt. When you were little there were no such things as phones or cars or Instagram or well you get the idea. This is all new to you. You feel like you finally get it but then your old age starts to kick in. Your fingers can't type that fast,your eyes are adjusting to the small screen and that is just to name a few problems. That is why I am introducing Your Phone. Your Phone will change the way you look at the 21st century. That is guranteed.

It is practically designed for you

Your phone is very easy to use and has lots of new added features such as.....

- Expandable Screen: Your eyes are not what they used to be. They have gotten old just like you. You can't see on that small screen anymore, that is why Your Phone has an expandable screen. Everything is now bigger on a bigger screen so you can see better.

- Reads to you: If the expandable screen does not help then this feature surely will. All you have to do is say " Read ______" then Your Phone will do the rest because ofanother feature that we have- Voice Recognition

- Gives Helpful Advice: This way you know what you are doing and you don't have to ask anybody for help. It is like a teacher on the phone.