Advent Candles

why do we light them,and what do the colors stand for?

most people light a pink,purple and white candle at christmas...but why?

people light these candles to symbolysie three things:

the first candle is the purple one,it stands for peanance(A Christian who confesses sins to a priest.)the secound candle is the pink one, it stands for joyfullness.

and some times people use a white candle,but it does not stand for anything it is usally the one that is ment to be lit on christmas.

people have different reasons to use these candles based around what they belive

the roman culture uses the candles to scare away the darkness whaen the days got darker faster

the durid culture(english culture)uses them to recreate the power of the sun and its rebirth.

the christan belif uses them to guide the christ child.

candle placing

A normal Advent wreath has four candles, around a wreath. Three of the candles are purple, and the fourth is pink. A fifth candle is optional and can be placed in the center hole, its usual color is white.
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Each of the four candles represents one of the four Sundays before Christmas. the candles are a form of countdown to Christmas. If there is a fifth candle, it represents Christ and should be lit on Christmas Day.


Purple was the color of royalty in the European tradiction, and so purple candles may represent Christ as King. Purple also carries religiousness as a color of penitence.


The pink candle stands out because it represents the third Sunday of Advent, called Gaudete Sunday. It represents rejoicing in the coming of Jesus. It also marks the halfway point in the Advent season.