End of March Early April Edition

School and Student Safety

I hope everyone is enjoying the latest snow day. I need your help in the mornings to keep our students safe. I have mentioned this multiple times in newsletters. It is also in our school handbook. There are signs at the front entry way. Please do not use the bus circle to drop off your children in the morning.

Recently we have had a number of cars pulling up while we are walking the students into school. It only takes one ball to bounce in the road, to have a student chase it and have an accident we do not want to have.

We are bringing in 200 students through the front door at 835-840am. They need to be completely safe. I will be in the bus circle stopping cars and asking that they go to the south student drop off circle. I am asking all parents to spread the word. A few people are not getting this safety message. Thanks for all you do by supporting the teachers and myself in making Forest Avenue School such a great and safe place to be.

We Are Having a Rash of School Tardiness

Please get your child to school on time. Here at Forest Avenue School, the first half hour of school is a precious planning time. The first ten minutes allow for your child to get acclimated and ready for the day. When a child walks in five minutes late their whole day can get out of rhythm. For some reason or another they just cannot get on task for each lesson.

I have put a brief link below on what ills tardiness causes. Let's get our children here on time. We have morning recess to stimulate the children emotionally and physically. Get them here to start the day right. Thank you!

Student Dress for Spring

Early spring is a tough time of year for students to dress properly for school. It is cold in the morning and you would think you would need a winter coat. However by noontime and recess the temperatures could be 50-55 degrees. We recommend that students wear some sort of hooded sweatshirt to protect them from the local winds and cool weather.

Shorts can be worn beginning March 28th as we all hope the weather has turned for the better by then.

Quick Glance at our School Schedule

March 21st - No School - Snow day -Last day of school, June 20th

March 23 or 24th -Second Trimester Report Cards Coming Home

March 31st - Circle of Friends Meeting - 930am - Oliphant Admin Building

April 7th - Spring School Picture Day

April 8th - Second Grade Music Performance 1030am

April 12th- State Testing Window for Grade 3 - This runs through May 20th

School Spring Vacation - April 18th -22nd

April 28th - Books are Wings Program in Our Cafeteria - All morning