US & Canada Relationships

Tyler Conley 6th period


The Economy between these country is very good we have a good relationship and trade with Canada. Both share the worlds largest and most comprehensive trading system. However due to difference in population, size, geographic and government these two country's have two very different economys.

Political Connection

About a decade ago canada announced that External affairs were mostly over. They said it had become to complicated and it would create more jobs if they didnt have as much trade. on the other side US is in a crisis because they have too much import from other places and not enough jobs in America.

Social Connection

The Us and Canada are both very similar socially. Canadas population is smaller due to temperature it is extremely cold. Canada and US are two of the of the biggest country's in the world that are bordered at the largest waterfall in the world Niagra Falls. The us only has one language speaking english wail on the other had Canada has two languages French and English.