by Jannel Towle

Description of feild

Odontology is the study of teeth, structure, and the surrounding tissue. the people who are a odontology only work with teeth. they look at dental records by x-rays,old files,fake teeth,and any teeth work done to his/her mouth.
any type of accident involving a death can be helped with a person in this field in some cases forensic workers will identify bite marks or teeth marks by dental records.
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- need either (DDS) doctor of dental surgery or (DMD) doctor of dental medicine

- need to have there training in forensic identification from an organization at a school like american academy of forensic science.

areas of practice

- identification in human remains

- bite marks injuries

- age estimation

- cases of abuse

Walter Marx dental records

in 1975 Walter was accused of killing a women. the woman was left with many bite marks on her body. when forensics went to try find out who the bite marks came from, they looked at her nose. by dental records of Walter Marx, the case was confirmed that they were his teeth marks on the victim.

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