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How can our OPAC help you?

Now available anywhere, anytime

Our new library management system is now up and running, so the time has come to share some of the new developments with you. The most noticeable is that the library is available to you anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection. So you can check in with the library to see what's available from your classroom or workspace. Or if inspiration strikes you in the middle of the night, you can check from your bed.

How to find it

From the school homepage, click on the "Access-it" button. Don't panic - it will soon be relabelled "Library".

If you'd like to explore right now, click this: http://www.accessitsoftware.com:2008/KRM00/ais/AccessItLibrary

What can you do with it?

As with a traditional library only OPAC, you, or your students, can:

  • See what resources are available on any subject. For non-fiction subjects, this will include books, periodicals or files that are relevant and increasingly, it will include digital resources.
  • See what books there are by particular authors or in genres or in series. E-books are also included.

New features:

  • Able to reserve books without coming to the library.
  • The ability to see what you have out and when it is due back.
  • Renew your books if you need them longer.
  • Particularly useful to English students is the ability for students to look up their own borrower history to see what books they have borrowed and when.
  • Websites and video clips can be added to the catalogue so your students can see them in addition to the print resources available. If you have websites or clips you'd like your students to be able to find easily along with print resources, email me the links.
  • Reading lists can be created that are easy for students to find. Have a look under the 'reading list ' button to see an example of a reading list created for a Year 12 English class on a theme. If you'd like one created for one of your classes, come see me or send me an email.

But wait, there's more....

If you have connected to the library link, you will notice that OPAC occupies only the left-hand column of the whole page. The library home page is being set up as a place to help students with digital resources and research skills.

So far, the page has links to:

  • Our e-book platform. If you know you're looking for an e-book to download, try there.
  • Index New Zealand.
  • EPIC databases.
  • The Karamu High School Facebook page, the place to go to find out about the latest book news and to find out about library events.

But keep watching this space. More useful stuff will be coming your way...


If you think there's a way the library or the library staff can help you, come in and chat.

Don't forget that if you want demonstrations or discussions, I'm happy to come to department meetings. I can also visit classrooms to help students out with digital resources too.

If you have any problems with finding your way around the OPAC or any of the digital resources, come over and see me or send me an email.