Take a BREAK!!!

April 4th- 8th

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Art Project Update by Jack

I finally decided to make an igloo as my whistle. The reason I chose an igloo because it was round, had a flat bottom, and the mouthpiece looked the the entrance to the igloo. First, I had to take a piece of clay and roll it out flat with a rolling pin, and use my pin tool to create small clay bricks.I had to score each block, slip it, and put it on the whistle. The art teacher put a hole in it which allowed me to blow in it. When I blew in it, it made a whistle sound. Now, it has to go into the kiln to dry, and then it will be ready to glaze

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Track Begins! by Michael

This week I start track. My track coach is Mr. Burns I am doing shot put. I practice that at Crestwood Lake. I walked up with my group to the lake.The team and I ended up at the Red Barn where the we did warm ups. Some of the warm up exercises are skips, high lifts, and sprints. Then we went down to the sand to practice shot put and long jump. Shot put is an field event where you throw a heavy ball into the sand. The object is to throw it as far as you can. I am going to enjoy track and field very much.

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Religions by Christian

In social studies we are starting a project about religion. We have three partners and 1 religion our teacher gave us.There are 8 religions our class will research for the project. For the presentation we can do whatever we want with the class for the presentation. We have to teach the other students about the religions.

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Book Fair by Zi Rui

There is always something new every week. But this week was a little different. We had a Book Fair! It’s an event where you can buy books. It doesn’t sound very specia,l but it is. There were many type of books. My favorite section was science fiction. Sometimes I wish those things in books could happen in real life.

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Phases of the Moon by Gage

Last week in Science class, we talked about the phases of the moon.

The phases of the moon are (in order):

New moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, and finally, the waning crescent.

Here is a fun fact: There are two types of eclipses. One is lunar, and the other one is solar. The solar eclipse is where the sun is blocked by the moon. The lunar eclipse is where the sun is in front of the moon, because the earth is bright. These eclipses, and phases, change cyclically as the Moon orbits the Earth, according to the changing positions of the Moon and Sun relative to the Earth.

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More Crispin by Ben

This week in Language Arts we read more of Crispin by Avi. Crispin and Bear entered a big village named Great Wexley. Crispin was so nervous because in his little town there weren’t as many people. There were a lot of people in the streets of Great Wexley. Crispin met Bear’s friend, the Widow Daventry. Crispin decides to sneak out and explore the town. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Crispin by John

We are almost ready to finish our story. It is such a great book and we are really enjoying it We just found out about Crispin being the lord's son!! We are going to read over break!
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Math-- IXL-- Monserrat and Hailey

It's such a great feeling to see our progress!! So many questions answered and skills mastered!! We are setting new goals as we have reached and passed all of the goals we set in September!!

This is great news! We really work hard with this website, but it feels like FUN!

That's right Ms. Fox always says "MATH is FUN!!