Rose Greenhow Imprisonment!

By Natasha Shrestha

Shocking Statements!

Rose Greenhow forced to change in front of brutal captors! Given to eat nothing but brackish water, tea, and moldy food! Alice O'Neal and I were given the rights to interview Ms. Greenhow and her daughter.
"I am forced to wear my oldest calico!" bellows Ms. Greenhow: her hair is not brushed and she is draped in a tea stained dress. Her daughter is now unable to study and complete her education, not even allowed to write or draw anymore. Ms. Greenhow and her lovely daughter are in a form of Satan's Land, but talk is arising to send them to Old Capitol Prison.

Interview with Maid and Guard

Lies from Greenhow!

"Greenhow is lying I tell you! We care not to abuse our fellow cousins with different skins, much less our brothers and sisters! So, do not listen to her! I swear with all my heart I would never assault a fine woman like that ever, even for a rightful cause," stated a guard named Sheldon.

"I am Rose's maid, I will tell you I have fed her gingerbread and milk and grand food assortments. It hurts to see that a woman you have served would so dutifully lie about you. Though I still remain loyal to Ms. Greenhow, my heart cripples," stated Sarah Dawson a poor maid.