Land and Climate

  • At its widest point, Jamaica is 51 miles across.
  • Jamaica is part of the Greater Antilles.
  • It is 80% mountanous and the other 20% is suitable for continous cultivation.
  • Jamaica is just smaller than Connecticut.
  • The climate is miritime climate and rain fall varies on the region.
  • Hurricane season is from May-November.

History and Government

  • Slavery was abolished in 1838.
  • In 1860, colonial possesion was to the British Crown Colony.
  • Constitution in 1944 defeated British Rule; then went on to gain full independence in 1962.
  • Some political parties ganged up with urban gangs to force citizens to vote for them.
  • The highest murder rate in the world belongs to Jamaica.
  • Their voting age is 18.


  • Tourism is a key element of Jamaica's economy.
  • Agriculture employs 17% of the Jamaican population.
  • The country carries a high amount of public debt.
  • 16% of the population lives below the poverty line.
  • Bauxite is a major export of Jamaica.
  • A growing portion of the population eanrs a livable income.

Vacation Plan

Day 1

Travel: Flew from Chicago to Atlanta, From Atlanta to Jamaica.

Meals:Breakfast and lunch were skipped due to flight. Ate supper at Scotchies.

Activities:Swam at hotel pool.

Day 2

Meals: Skipped breakfast, ate lunch at the beach as a picnic. Ate supper at Scotchies again.

Activities: Spent a long day at the beach today.

Day 3

Activities: Played a few rounds of golf at a resort golf course. Then swam at hotel pool.

Meals: Ate lunch at clubhouse. Ate supper at Scotchies again.

Day 4

Activities: Spent the day at the waterpark.

Meals: Ate lunch at waterpark. Ate supper at Scotchies again because it is such a good restaraunt.

Day 5

Activities: Went skydiving and swam at hotel pool.

Meals: Ate lunch at hotel. Ate supper at Scotchies again.

Day 6

Activities: Swam all day at the beach for our last day.

Meals: Had a picnic at the beach for lunch. Ate supper at Scotchies for the last time.

Day 7

Activities: Swam at hotel till we had to leave for our flights.

Travel Home: Flew from Jamaica to Atlanta. From Atlanta back to Chicago.

Total Price: $6515.10 Airfare/Lodging: $3713.60 Meals: $545.50 Activities: $1456 Shopping: $800



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