The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Written By Daniel Defoe

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Did you like Harry Potter? Percy Jackson? Sherlock Holmes? Then this is not a book for you. Those readers of adventure and action will love this book telling the tale of an englishman who is stranded alone on an uncharted island. Dealing with stress, risk and danger. Crusoe must be able to adapt to his new surroundings after he came ashore from a shipwreck. We read the book to find what adventures and secrets are scattered across the islands.


Imagine this, you're stranded on an island. You have no one to talk to but the wilderness that lurks in the island's jungles. With low supplies you must know how to adapt to the island. With the fear of diseases, starvation and insanity, you must know how to survive under a fort against the cannibal savages that come ashore. Alone, you must face them, the dangers and hardships of Crusoe.

Crusoe's tale starts off as a normal Englishman of the 1600. A merchant, Crusoe is first taken by pirate Moors who he escapes from. But this is not the last of the dangers that Crusoe encounters. On his trip, where he leaves from Brazil, he is the sole survivor of the shipwreck. He wakes up to be on a island stranded. Alone, Crusoe must be able to hunt and scavenge. Alone, he must face and fight off the dangerous animals that lurk the island. Alone, he must be able to survive and travel to the only hope of recognizable civilization. We read to find out what happens during the six years Crusoe spends on his island.


I enjoyed this book greatly. Interested in the classic novels like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and such. I was interested in this book. Like Hatchet, the genre of survival, adventure and action are all incorporated. I was also interested because this book was found in so many text like the Christmas Carol. I would recommend this i readers of survival, adventure and action classics like Hatchet.

The Art Of The Cover


This drawing of Robinson Crusoe may look simple, but the drawing has more details into everything Crusoe has. On his left shoulder, he wears a parrot, a companion that he makes while stranded. He also has a dog, another companion of his that he finds during his time on the island. Crusoe wears fur clothes. These clothes are which that he skinned from animals of all sorts. “...but mad signs for its skin, which they gave me much more freely…” This shows that how Crusoe was able to take any animal skins which he would later use to make coats as the one he wears in the drawing. Depicted in the drawing is also a rifle. The rifle is just one of the symbols of his ability to survive in the open wilderness. The rifle is what he uses much of the time to hunt for any animals and keep him safe from any predators that lurk around the island.
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