Using Herbs as Medicine

How to bring herbs into your daily life

Herbs, Medicine & Tincture Education with Emily Stock

Join Emily Stock of Sundial Medicinals in a 2 hour class where we will explore many common medicinal herbs and how best to introduce yourself to using them. We will also discuss herbal infusions and tinctures through the lens of common ailments and imbalances. This will enable us to begin using herbs to restore vitality and health in the new year.

Emily is incredibly passionate about this topic and it is a real treat to be able to learn how to care for ourselves with her experienced guidance. If there are gardeners present, we will also talk about successful cultivation of herbs in our climate.

Note: Each participant will take a 1oz tincture from Sundial Medicinals home from the class.

Friday, February 1st from 6-8pm

Cost of the class is $10. This includes your own 1oz tincture from Sundial Medicinals.