Francisco Pizarro

Spanish Explorer and Conquestador

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Who is Fransisco Pizarro?

Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador that was born somewhere between 1471 and 1475. He died on June 26th 1541 in Lima, Peru. Francisco Pizarro's career was an explorer and a conquistador to conquer other countries. His nationality was Spanish and he also sailed for Spain. (

What nation did Francisco sail for? Who financed his voyage? How did he die?

Francisco Pizarro sailed for Spain and a man named Vasco Nunez be Balboa. Vasco was also an explorer and a conquistador, he was most widely known for having crossed the isthmus of the Panama to the Pacific ocean. Francisco Pizarro died by assassination on June 26th, 1541 in Lima, Peru. (

Vasco Nunez De Balboa

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Why is Pizarro historically important?

The most overall important thing that Francisco did was conquer the Inca empire. The Inca empire was the biggest empire in Pre-Columbian America with roughly 12,000,000 people. How did he do this you may ask."Pizarro tried to control the Incas by convincing them to accept being ruled by Spain and to convert to Christianity. The first attempt failed. For his second method, Pizarro captured the Incan leader, and was offered a ransom for his safe return. Pizarro received the ransom but still killed the leader. The last method Pizarro used was attacking the Incas towns and cities which succeeded."( AMAZING RIGHT!!!!
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This is a photo to show you how big the Inca empire is

Francisco Pizarro - Mini Biography