19th Century

Transportation, Industrial, and Laboral Developments

Improvements in Transportation

The 1800's was an epoch of radical alteration in the country's methods of transportation. This helped bolster the economy in the Eastern United States. In 1840 over 500 steamboat started being utilized and by 1850 steamboats were used to export goods as well as transporting people across the Atlantic. The train was used for the same reasons but for overland travel. Overall this caused the country's financial portion of the economy to sky rocket.
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Industrial Development and Labor Conditions

Industry in the North was actually born during the first half of the 1800's. The foremost improvement was in how cloth was made. Previous to the 1800's making clothes took a lot of time and effort to make. Technological developments caused merchants to build textile mills near rivers and streams. This was a great opportunity for young women who came from farm families to obtain a paying job and gain independence. In Lowell, Massachusetts, a new system of labor was developed. The Lowell system gave jobs to young unmarried women from regional farms at the textile mill. They would construct boarding houses for the women, the women citizens were given meals and a room as well as their jobs. All of these young mill workers were later known as the Lowell girls.